9/16/10: Back To School

It’s back to school here at SCAD-Atlanta.  That’s why the special feature this week (last week) was the Fuzz Factory: Back to School Special*.  That is also why it’s taken me so long to post the playlist. Back to school equals back to busy.

Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for tuning in every Thursday night from 8-10 PM (EST).

– – – – – – – – – – –

If It Feels Good Do It – Sloan

Plum – Black Market Flowers

I’m Designer – Queens Of The Stone Age

Megalomania – Firestone

Hickory Dichotomy – Stone Temple Pilots

She Loves Sin – The Tom Collins

Roswell To Jerusalem – Jason Loewenstein

Punching Goodbye Out Front – Kinski

The Hair Song – Black Mountain

Before They Make Me Run – Supersuckers

Is This The Way? – 10 Minute Warning

This Is My Life – Ape Hangers

Pump It Up – Mudhoney

Soul School – Cornershop *

Something I Learned Today – Hüsker Dü *

Art School – The Jam *

Catholic School Girls Rule – Red Hot Chili Peppers *

Art School Girl – Stone Temple Pilots *

Cool School (Trane Of Thought) – Love Battery * 

School Bus – Duster 69 *

Drag – School Of Fish *

Lesson No.1 – Viva Voce *

Birth, School, Work, Death – The Godfathers *

A Good Idea – Sugar

All Night – Pearl Jam

Old Fangs – Black Mountain

The House As A Giant Bong – The Dirtbombs

Slow Life – Super Furry Animals


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