8/26/10: Fu Manchu

The show got off to a late start this week.  Must have been an accident, on I75-85, because the connector was all backed up.  Therefore, I had to jump around using primarily Piedmont Rd. and West Peachtree St. to get to the studio.  Good thing I was thinking about tonight’s feature or else I may never made it to the airwaves. “King of the road sez you move too slow!”

Yes – it’s true. Tonight’s special feature* on the Fuzz Factory was fuzz rock band extraordinaire, Fu Manchu.  Yes – one of the best at what they do.  Their riffs are not the toughest to play, but have you ever heard that fuzz in you face any better way?  If there was ever a band that proves it’s not what you play, but how you play it, it’s Fu Manchu.  The second hour is all Super Fuzzmatic Deluxe!  A hefty set of Fu Manchu in honor of their visit to Atlanta next week.

One reminder – there will be no show next week.  No Fuzz Factory on 9/2/10.  Regular scheduling resumes the following week. Thursdays from 8-10pm (EST).

Here’s the playlist.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Train Going Backwards – Dramarama

Set The Ray To Jerry – Smashing Pumpkins

Roll Call – Peter Murphy

Pup Tent – Luna

Satellite Eye – Voyager One

0 for 1 – Poster Children

Get Right – Pearl Jam

Stereo – Pavement

Unfair – Pavement

Leaky Lifeboat – Sonic Youth

Plastic Man, You’re The Devil – Pink Mountaintops

Riverboat – Howlin’ Rain

Pretty Please – Verbena

Dancing Fool – Butthole Surfers

Mongoose (original version) – Fu Manchu *

Over The Edge – Fu Manchu *

Urethane – Fu Manchu *

Regal Begal (live) – Fu Manchu *

Tunnel Vision – Fu Manchu *

Swami’s Last Command – Fu Manchu *

D.O.A. – Fu Manchu *

Eatin’ Dust – Fu Manchu *

The Bargain – Fu Manchu *

Laserblast! (live) – Fu Manchu *

Trackside Hoax – Fu Manchu *

Solid Hex – Fu Manchu *

Godzilla – Fu Manchu *

Evil Eye – Fu Manchu *


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